Homeless People in England Equals 17% of the Population of Former Colony, The Gambia.

“Everybody deserves a safe and stable home, to build a better life for themselves and their families”, at least that is the massage persistently propagated by European and Western leaders.

Statistics have however shown that homelessness is much a bigger problem in so-called developed countries than it is in Africa. Though the Standard of Housing in some states in the continent still needs improvement, African countries are generally, ranked among the lowest in the global index of homelessness, save for few countries hard hit with conflict(s).

The reasons for this low rate of homelessness in Africa, contrary to what is striking many European countries could among other things best be attributed to the humanistic nature of Africans.

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One in 200 people in England is homeless. Credit: PA

Nigeria, for its population and the insecurity (displacement) caused by Boko Haram, has more homeless persons on the Continent.

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However, the case of interest is the astonishing percentage of homeless people in the former Colonial/ and imperial power, England which represents 17% of the population of its former colony, The Gambia.

The Gambia gained its independence from Britain on the of 18th February 1965 and as since then battled to eradicate “poverty” too little success, nevertheless homelessness is virtually nonexistent in Gambia.

The study also found that 220,000 people had been in danger of becoming homeless over the past year. Credit: PA
The study also found that 220,000 people had been in danger of becoming homeless over the past year. Credit: PA

At least ‘320,000 people in Britain’ were confirmed homeless in 2018 and the figure estimated to double in nothing less than 4% or more this year, an equivalent to 36 new people becoming homeless every day.

“On any given night, there are 4,000 people sleeping rough (Shelter, 2019).

This figure, rather satirical represents 17% of the population of The Gambia, largely portrayed as “impoverish” by the former colonial master. The population of the Gambia is 1.9 as per the last public census.

The attention of this medium was drawn to examine the homelessness crises in England, following an interview the Juliet Ryan, Pan Africanist Returnee from England who continues to mound or rather reveal the actual “poor” end of England that the Western Media never illustrate.

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