How I was saved by a blind vulcanizer when my car broke down on my journey to Ghana – Ivorian narrates

The story of how an Ivorian traveler identified as Mr. Roger Dago was saved by a visually impaired but highly-skilled young man goes beyond inspiration and lessons; it also demonstrates how tenacious and hardworking African youth are even at the face of the numerous challenges they face.

Mr. Roger narrated that, he made contact with this unique savior when his car broke down along his way to Ghana and he became stranded. Although he needed support urgently, he was surprised and very curious about the outcome realizing the condition of the person offering this support.

“On my way to Accra (Ghana), I punctured a wheel around 6:00 p.m. near the city. Desperately looking for a Vulcanizer, I was told one, some few miles further that I ended up finding;” he wrote, adding that “What was my surprise to realize that this Vulcanizer … was blind.”

He narrated further, how doubtful he was but kept his cool in admiration until the problem was solved; “Intrigued and skeptical… I stepped back to watch him work after explaining my problem. I shipped from curiosity … to an amazing admiration and then to a deep respect for this man. My wheel was repaired and I was able to resume my journey to Accra.” He added.

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Mr. Roger did not only admire the service of this highly talented but visually impaired man; he rewarded him greatly; “I admit that I paid him well beyond the amount invoiced.” He wrote and also added that, the story reminded him of the biblical “parable of the talents” as well as a quote from Saul of Tarsus that, “we carry priceless treasures in earthen vessels”

According to first-hand information given to EYEGAMBIA by Mr. Roger, the incident occurred in 2017; however, he decided to share it in 2021 to inspire others about the lessons he learned from the courage, consistency, and humility of this man.

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