I am not gay; Nigerian actor who announced his gay lifestyle changes position

Nigerian actor, Uche Maduagwu who who took many by surprise earlier this year following claims that he was “proudly gay” has changed his position, denying ever being gay in a recent publication in which he narrates his experience.

In an Instagram post, he stated that, “dear fans, I am not gay. I lost movie roles, endorsement and my girlfriend fighting for LGBT right in Nigeria.” He added that, “even my girlfriend left me despite knowing I was fighting for LGBT right in Naija”

The actor’s first public announcement, which he now admits was a false pretense was widely published and amplified by western media. Some of which celebrated him for coming out bold after he used his Instagram account to post series of comments suggesting that, he identifies with LGBTQIA+.

After ‘coming out,’ he urged others to do so, saying: “Don’t let anyone intimidate you. Come out, show your identity, you are who you are, boy, you’re who you are. Don’t let anybody intimidate you. I be gay, I be no herdsman, and I am proud.”

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In one scene, the actor posted an image on Instagram with an attached caption which reads: “proudly gay” whilst using most of his time pushing for US President, Joe Biden to sanction authorities in Nigeria in support ‘their’ community.

From his recent posts on Instagram, preaching a sudden change in position, the actor seem to have suffered total neglection from his social network and the media fraternity following his earlier announcement.

LGBTQIA+ remains legally criminal, morally unacceptable in Nigeria and public reactions towards people who identify with these practices equally remains negative. Uche’s post on instagram has so far been subjected to total ridicule

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