‘I am relieved,’ Thomas Sankara’s widow reacts to Campaore’s life sentence

Thomas Sankara’s widow, Mariam Sankara who pursued justice for her deceased husband over the years has reacted to the verdict by the military court which sentenced Burkina Faso’s former president, Balise Campaore to life imprisonment.

Mariam who was present in the court room together with other activists considers the judgement as one which reaffirms the integrity of Sankara and also helps to correct the negative narratives perpetuated by the regime after his demise.

“I think that the Burkinabe people and public opinion now know who President Thomas Sankara was, who the individual was, who the politician was, what he wanted, what those who assassinated him wanted.”

She added that, “in any case, I am relieved because we know who he is. He had been called everything in speeches and all that, now we know that he was a man of integrity.”

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Commenting on the judgement, Prospère Farama, one of the lawyers said “Yes, justice has been done. For the people, because it’s been 34 years of struggle of a people. We must not forget, it’s been 34 years that the Burkinabe people have been fighting against impunity. And with this case, I think that it is a great victory.”

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