“I never lose, i only learn” – young chess champion says as he set another record

Remember the story we reported about the 9-year-old Nigerian boy, Tanitoluwa Adewumi that became a Chess champion in the United States? Recently, he added more feathers to his cap by becoming yet another champion and is officially a National Chess Master at the age of 10 and also a 5th grader. Responding to his achievements the young genius said, “I say to myself that i never lose, that i only learn.”

According to US Chess reports, Adewumi won all four of his matches at the Fairfield County Chess Club Championship tournament in Connecticut on May 1,2021. He was recorded to be bumping his chess rating up to 2223 and making him the 28th youngest person to become a chess master. 

As we reported some months ago, Tanitoluwa Emmanuel Adewumi is a Nigerian prodigy who has stormed the world of chess and made his mark already despite his young age. He was born on September 3rd, 2010 in Nigeria. In 2017, his parents, who lived in Abuja, relocated to the United States of America.

The family took up refugee status in New York where they lived in a homeless shelter for some time. While living in the homeless shelter with his family in Manhattan, he developed interest and started playing the game of chess. He later expressed interest to join a club run by National Master Coach Russell Makofsky. His parents could not afford the registration fee of $330. Luckily, the fee was waived after his mother explained to the club the family’s financial challenge.

There in his new club, his coaches were impressed with his level of hard work and dedication to the game despite being a novice. After a year, he went on to win the k-3 New York state Chess Championship at the age of 8!

His story went viral when it was reported in the New York Times. A GoFundMe account was opened for him and that attracted the whooping sum of $250,000 in ten days. His intelligence attracted the likes of America’s former president, Bill Clinton whom he visited in his office in Harlem.

The Nigerian government also acknowledged him by referring to him as a pride to the nation. He also met with the likes of Garry Kasparov, a former world Chess Champion and other renowned chess champions. In a few years of going into the game of Chess, he has become a force to reckon with and is working to realize his dream of becoming the ever-youngest grand chess master. Now, Adewumi practices chess every day after school for about 10 to 11 hours.

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