I qualified for teaching job in China but they said my skin color will scare the kids – Lady says

A young lady identified as Angelina Akiyana Kweku, who left China to her home country Ghana has revealed her experience with the racist system of the World’s most populous country.  

She narrated how she was denied a lot of jobs because of her skin colour. “Because of my skin colour, I could’t get some jobs that I really wanted to get; it kinda worried me a little.” She said.

“I remember I applied for a part time teaching job and I sent my CV and everything and they were like, I qualified for the job but they are not going to give me the job because my skin colour will scare the kids, so they didn’t give me the job.” She added

The young lady suggested during her interview that, the Chinese authorities should consider legislations to help eradicate the chronic systemic racism; “they have to make laws that will favour the black people because it is not really helping us at all.” Angelina said.

She however admitted that, apart from racism which paints a bad image for China, the country is generally a fun and beautiful place to be. “Living in China was a bitter-sweet; the place is a beautiful place and you can get whatever you want to get there. It’s fun but there is racism” Akiyana said.

Angelina Akiyana Kweku is currently pursuing her career as a female afro dancehall artiste back home in Ghana. She signed on a record label and known popularly in the showbiz scene as Akiyana.

Have you faced any such racist experience in China? Was it job related or other aspects? Kindly share with us.

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