I think Africa has improved over the last five years- Didier Drogba

Retired Ivorian footballer and philanthropist, Didier Yves Drogba Tébily said in an interview that, the African continent has made some improvements over the last five years. He however admitted that, there are certain lagging areas which needs to be worked on. 

“The African continent, even though it is late on several aspects such as governance, is a continent in the making. I think that as a whole, we are making progress. When you look at the average age of the people, it is a young, young and dynamic continent. In my opinion, there has been a clear improvement over the last five years, because Africa is now desired by everyone.” Drogba told reporter, Yannick Djanhoun.

The award-winning retired footballer has urged the leadership across the continent to take advantage of the current situation to drive progress in certain essential areas of their respective countries.

The African Footballer of the year winner stated that, “now, of course, It is up to our leaders to see what is at stake and to get to work on the essential pillars of development, which are health and education. Of course, I am not an economist, but I think that a simultaneous evolution of the main sectors can be done.”

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“Finally, I think that it is difficult to give an opinion on Africa in general, because each country has its own specificity, its traditions, and its culture, which differ from one country to another. And I think that it is imperative to take this into account.” He added.

Commenting on the rate at which African youth flee the continent to Europe and other continents, Didier said he hopes for a very stable Africa within the years ahead to give enough reason to the youth to stay. “My hope for African countries for the next five years, or even ten or twenty years, is that we can have a stable Africa, with less and less conflict, which will allow the population of a continent that is very young to take its destiny in hand and avoid fleeing to the West, with the dangerous crossing of the Mediterranean Sea which costs lives.” He said.

The footballer turn philanthropist stated further that, “This is one of my hopes for the continent. A youth that is at the heart of all activities and development of our countries. It is true that each country has its particularity and specificity. But as a whole, these young people must be uplifted. These young people must be supported and guided, and I insist on very important sectors such as health, education and employment generation so that we can keep our young people on our land and develop our respective countries with their knowledge.”

Through his foundation called the Didier Drogba Foundation, the retired footballer has done a lot in terms of education and other sectors in Ivory Coast. With his digital literacy program, he aims to make more than 3 million people in Ivory coast literate over the next five years with a possible extension to other parts of the continent.

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