I was disappointed no support came my way before Finnish firm employed me – Nigerian drone maker

The young Nigerian drone-maker who was recently employed by Finland based firm, Radai Ltd expressed a disappointment in the government for failing to support him to further develop his skill and serve the country.

“I tried so many times and as hard as I could (to get help). (I have got) so many types of promises but I have never received any support from the government. As a student, I showcased several street flights in public to survive and to save money for my innovation,” Ignatius told reporters.

The technical college graduate who hails from Delta State of Nigeria was discovered by the Finish firm on Facebook after a report on how he single-handedly built five functional drones with purely local materials went viral.

Managing Director of Finland-based company, Saartenoja expressed his satisfaction for having him in the company and also added how useful Ignatius will be to the operational success of Radai Ltd.

“Ignatius Asabor, young Nigerian drone talent has just arrived to Finland, Oulu. Ignatius will strengthen Radai’s survey team in future and bring more international expertise in the field surveys. Welcome Ignatius Asabor to Radai team!” the director wrote.

Asabor started making drones when he was nine years old. In those early days of practice and experiment, he said “I failed more than 1,000 times”. He never gave up. “My failures teaches me and I learned from my experiences, that was how I taught myself,” He said.

Reacting to a question on how long it takes him to build a drone, Asabor said that “it depends on the size and the type of technology that Has to be in it. Some of my drones takes me up to two or three weeks to build, while some take just three days to be ready to fly”.

Before he left Nigeria, Ignatius was building unmanned aerial drones to help security agencies in the search for kidnappers in the forests of Edo State. Unfortunately, he left Nigeria five days before the day it was supposed to be launched.

Apart from drones, the talented young man equally builds other high-tech products. “I have my secret projects which I have written and drawn down. They take time but they will be achieved. I have built several custom cars, airplanes, robots, ships, and some other things I have created myself in model size, of course,” he added

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