I will support other Africans in South Africa even if it means losing votes – Julius Malema

South African politician and President of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Julius Sello Malema has affirmed his position on the treatment of people from other African countries, resident in South Africa. According to him, he would rather resign or lose votes than to denounce his fellow black brothers.

The Pan African who was speaking at a recent conference said, “someone said to me, if you want us to vote for you in 2024, you must abandon this thing of foreigners; I’m prepared to go home and I’m fine. I will never take a platform and denounce Africans. I will never do it. If it means votes are going, let them go. I’m prepared to go home.”

He said further that, “to take a platform to please white minority by pointing finger at my other fellow black brothers? I’m not going to do that. When I see a Nigerian or a Zimbabwean or a Congolese, or Ghanaian, I see myself.”

“EFF can commission internal research to see to what extent is this thing hurting the EFF but I’m not prepared. I’m not prepared to take a platform and say foreigners must go home. I would rather not be a President of South Africa. I will be President of my children at home.” He added.

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Julius Malema went on to say that, even if his support for other Africans will mean he has to resign as the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, he will gladly do so. “For Africans, I will resign. For black people, I will resign. I have no problem” he said.

He clarified that, the main aim of the EFF is African unity and that, this cannot be achieved with a divisive mindset. “Please be aware that, the stance on Africans remain. It goes nowhere. We are for a united Africa and we can’t unite it by dividing it. We want one Africa, one currency, one President, one Military” he finally said.

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