If all 54 African countries can come together to fight racism, why is it taking ages to unite the continent?

The recent report that all 54 African nations have formed a coalition to demand an urgent debate from the United Nations on racial discrimination against black people has gotten us thinking through a lot of things.

From all indications, it is very obvious that many people, both home and in the diaspora, have fallen in love with the sense of unity demonstrated by our leaders across the continent. That collective action is something many have yearned for all these years.

Our concern, however, is that if it is actually possible for our leaders to come together and agree to stage a fight against racial discrimination following the George Floyd incident, why is it taking them ages to tear down the colonial boundaries and unite the continent into a single force?

Why are they refusing to accept and move pass the fact that these borders were built by people who exploited Africa to their own benefits? Why is there no coalition of African leaders pushing for unity?

Why are these leaders failing to appreciate the fact that there is power in unity? Why can’t they see that individual countries facing economic giants at the international front to negotiate makes them vulnerable and susceptible to further exploitation?

How long do they want to be subjected to economic bullying and neocolonial debt traps that incapacitates unborn generations before they finally decide on unity?

Which part of “Africa has resources that these people depend on” don’t they understand? How many more resources do we want to lose through cheap pricing and parasitic trade agreements before they wake up?

How long should the younger generation beg them to drop the ego and do the needful?

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