I’m not a spy, Mafia groups are out to discredit me; South African-Chinese lawmaker

Xiaomei Havard, the Chinese immigrant turned lawmaker in South Africa has denied an intelligent report which accused her of being a spy who shares classified government information with the Chinese communist party.

“I have never supplied any intelligence information to any Chinese intelligence agencies. I even do not know who those Chinese intelligence agencies are.” Havard claimed whilst threatening legal actions against a South African news outlet that published the news. “Yesterday [Tuesday] I refused to do an interview with News24, but Jason Felix still published this article. I will take legal action.”

Havard who equally suspected foul play from the Chinese community said, “information in this article was originally sent through by one or two mafia groups within the Chinese community, where there are two big political factions, which earlier lost their campaign to discredit me. After I was elected as a public representative candidate in 2016, these two factions started fighting, and also tried to kill each other.”

“I was a middle person, not belonging to any faction. Three Chinese candidates lost in the Johannesburg local election, so every faction had finally balanced emotionally. Then, after I started my campaign for the MP position, these two factional groups continued to sabotage me again. They both did not want me in politics, in order to save their face and reputation.” She added told reporters.

The Chinese immigrant, Xiaomei Havard has been a subject of controversy since her appointment as a lawmaker in South Africa’s parliament. Due to the recent report, South African officials are demanding a more protective legal system that will deter foreigners from accessing sensitive rights.

Sibusiso Mnchwabe, ATM’s spokesperson said “It’s a high time that as a country we debate whether should we not reserve some of the important rights to the natives of this country only; rights like holding public office. Someone who is in parliament is privy to very important information about the country. And someone who is not from this country and with dual citizenship will always have loyalty to his or her mother country.”

The Candidature of Harvard has since faced numerous criticisms but who is she? Xiaomei Havard comes from Henan, the Central part of China; after moving into South Africa to pursue her education and staying for a while, she filed to become a citizen and this was granted. Havard acquired a doctorate degree in Computer Science from the University of Johannesburg.

She resides in Gauteng, a province she is currently representing as a member of parliament. Havard who got married to a South African citizen has been keenly engaged in the country’s political activities since landing in South Africa. She joined the African National Congress in 2004 and contested in the 2019 election on the ticket of the ANC which she failed to win before finally getting party approval

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