Isabel dos Santos Africa’s richest woman wants to run for president in Angola

Isabel dos Santos, daughter of former Angola president Eduardo dos Santos has revealed she is running for president of the country in the coming presidential elections.

The Angolan government has levied corruption charges on, Isabel and also had her assets frozen, but the former chair of state oil company Sonangol does not seem to be faced by it.

On Thursday, Isabel revealed her presidential aspirations during an interview with Portuguese TV channel RTP. “It is possible that I will run for president in 2022,” she said when quizzed on whether she will be interested country’s top job.

Joao Eduardo, Isabel’s father was president of Angola for close to 4 decades before now head of state Joao Lourenco took over in 2017 after elections.

Isabel is been sued by the Angolan government for money it claims she owes, it looks to recover around $1 billion of funds it believes are owed to it by Isabel dos Santos and her business associates.

Angola is probing allegations that Isabel dos Santos authorized offshore payments days after she was dismissed from Sonangol. She had since denied any wrongdoing, dismissing the accusations as attempts to tarnish her family legacy.

“We cannot use corruption, or the supposed fight against corruption, in a selective way to neutralize who we think could be future political candidates It’s about the fight for power,” she said in the RTP interview

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