It is time to start treating Africa as a major geopolitical player – U.S

U.S secretary of State, Anthony Blinken who is on a tour in Africa has admitted that, it is time for Africa to be recognized and treated as a major Geopolitical player.

“United States firmly believes that it is time to start treating Africa as a subject in geopolitics, and structure it as a major geopolitical player it has become – the facts speak for themselves.” he said, whilst addressing the Economic Community for West African States (ECOWAS) in Abuja, Nigeria.

Political thinkers say Africa has always been a major player in world politics, looking at the contribution of the continent to the global space over the years, especially in terms of resources, raw materials, labor, among other relevant areas but deliberate denial by the so called powers is to blame for the recurrence of such perception. Critics equally did not rule out the usual interest buying gimmick in such statements by world leaders to Africa but hoped that, this particular one will be backed with action.

Touching on other areas, Blinken eulogized Nigeria especially in the area of cultural influence which has taken the world by storm. Nigeria’s afrobeat and Nollywood has now become a global brand that can no longer be ignored.

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“Your strengths are undeniable – a dynamic democracy, a robust economy, and a very powerful civil society. Challenges you face are undeniable as well including the disruption and insecurity caused by terrorism.” Said Blinken.

He went on to say, “what happens in Nigeria is felt around the world, and that in a nutshell, is why I came to Abuja. United States knows that in most of the challenges and opportunities we face, Africa will make a difference.”

“Countries like Nigeria, and just global leaders, they are increasingly prominent around the world beyond this region, and they are deserving a permanent seat wherever the most consequential issues are discussed.” He added.

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