It is useless to wear jewelries whilst people suffer in Africa – Akon

Commenting on the situation in some parts of the continent, especially the remote areas, the Senegalese musician and songwriter expressed his lack of interest in a luxurious and extravagant lifestyle.

According to him, he would rather put those monies to better use in Africa by investing in impactful projects than parade himself with expensive jewelry.

Akon, one of the young emerging African kings of investment, stated that there is a lot of progress to be made in Africa. He added that the continent lacks electricity, running water, and basic infrastructure.

In an attempt to solve part of the problem, Akon invested one billion dollars in China to help light as many households as possible in Africa.

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In a statement on his Facebook wall, the musician wrote, “Showing off is no longer my delirium, I don’t wear jewelry anymore. I’ve seen so many people in need until I feel guilty visiting the villages. Showing up with $ 50000 earrings is useless. It’s just tape to the eye that only serves to look good in front of others. That’s why I decided to use my money to help others.”

We hope many people see and understand Africa’s problems from this perspective and invest massively to help save the continent.

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