It would take time for France to leave Mali – Le Drian

Few days after the Mali’s military leadership ordered that, French ambassador, Joel Meyer should leave its territory within a 72-hour ultimatum, France says it would take time to leave Mali.

France’s foreign minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian who spoke to reporters on Wednesday said the country at the moment is in consultation with partners to determine their next move. ” We’ll take a decision in the coming days. The situation can’t stay as it is,” Le Drian said.

The relationship between Mali and France has hit the rock since the advent of the military coup which toppled the administration of President Ibrahim Boubakar Keita.

France and allies have since accused the Malian leaders of deploying Russia’s mercenary group, Wagner in the country; a move they have strongly opposed and condemned.

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In a recent development, French authorities said they were worried that, Russia is plundering the resources of the West African country in order to defend the government.   

These and many other comments described by the leaders as “hostile and outrageous statements” landed France in the webs of the Assimi Goita leadership

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