Maltese Boss abandoned Gambian migrant on road side after spinal injury at work

A seriously wounded Gambian migrant working in a construction site, Jaiteh Lamin has alleged that his Maltese boss heaved him into a road from the trunk of his car and dumped him, then ordered him to tell the police that he was hit by a car.

Lamin while granting interview to Times of Malta from his hospital bed where he is recovering from serious back and arm injuries sustained from a fall off a building in Mellicha with multiple storeys said in tears that he “never thought anything could treat a human being like that.”

He continues “I was in a lot of pain and crying – I thought I would die. He told me to tell the police I had been hit by a car. I asked him why are you treating me like this? And he responded ‘what else can I do’?”

According to Lamin, his employer told him he would take him to hospital rather, he was abandoned on the road because he didn’t have a permit to work.

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The 32 year old migrant was full of tears as he said “He left me on the side of the road, and in a lot of pain, I dragged half of my body onto the pavement, because it was dangerous,” out there.

Police have questioned contractor Glen Farrugia over the incident on Tuesday but no charges have so far been filed. Lawyers Franco Debono and Matthew Xuereb, representing Farrugia, told Times of Malta that their client denied all the claims and was cooperating with the police investigation.

The Gambian while narrating his ordeal from Mater Dei hospital explained that after the fall, co-workers had placed him on a wide plank of wood as a stretcher and transported him to the back of the van. Even with all his request, he claims Farrugia refused to call an ambulance at the scene of the fall, saying they would all ‘end in jail’.

Lamin said he had been employed for two weeks and was earning €50 a day working from 6.30am to 5.00pm. He added that he is in agony and has been unable to sleep because of pains. In worries he is not certain that he will walk again, and be able to provide for his family back in The Gambia.

Note: This article has been updated to rectify the error in the headline which stated ‘Italian Boss’ as opposed to ‘Maltese Boss’. The incident occurred in Malta.

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