Italian club Brescia prevents Balotelli from training with his colleagues

The football break is over and footballers are expected to return to training in preparation for the re-opening of the league. Many teams have already started training, including Balotelli’s Italian club Brescia.

However, reports have it that, Mario Balotelli has been prevented by securities from joining his colleagues at the training ground for the following reasons:

The player earlier informed the club owners of his ailment. Reports by Gazzetta Dello Sport stated that the player equally presented the club with medical reports exempting him from training because of his condition.

However, the club officials are citing his absence from training as a reason for the prevention and also to initiate a contract termination. According to reports, the process of termination is already in progress.

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Balotelli has been a strong advocate against racism in the sports industry. He has equally been in the news in recent times for a very daring challenge he threw to African footballers across the world, a statement that went viral on social media.

“I challenge you all African footballers to put money together with me to leave the Racist Europe and build stadiums in Africa and develop our youth. We have money we can build at least 5 world-class stadiums in each country and sign a petition that no players will be exported to Europe ever again,” Balotelli stated.

He further added that Africa has great talents, and such players will have a peace of mind playing on the continent without facing the usual racial discrimination they encounter abroad. “Here in Africa, they will play under love of their sisters and brothers with no one singing racists chants on the stands against them. We are more talented. We can make our Champions League quality and our league’s quality. We have great talent that is never appreciated Abroad,” the player added.

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