‘It’s time we move from the colonizer’s language’ – Ghanaian Swahili student

‘It’s time we move from the colonizer’s language.’ This statement from a Ghanaian Swahili student named Annabel Naa Odarley Lankai was made in line with calling for the adoption of Swahili as Africa’s lingua franca. 

Lankai reiterated that Africa should “have something that is of us and for us”.  swahili, a Buntu language and originally the first language of the Swahili people is a very popular language in East and Central Africa. Its spread has gotten a hold in the southern Africa as well. 

Lankai’s statement comes barely a week after an Ethiopian University has approved the language as a course of study in partnership with a Tanzanian University. 

The commencement of the teaching of the language at Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia comes after an official partnership and signing of Memorandum of Understanding with Dar El Salaam University in a Tanzania

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The president of Addis Ababa University, Professor Tasew Woldehana on signing the MoU confirmed the finalization of every preparation needed to start the course in the university.

Just Last year, UNESCO declared July 7 as an international day to celebrate Swahili language that is widely spoken in many African language including Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and many East African countries.

The clamor for the declaration of Swahili as Africa’s official language has been one of the visions of Africa’s forefront visionaries over the years and recently, it is now on a high tempo.

Notably, Swahili has long been a language spoken across various shores of Africa even before the arrival of the colonialists that brought Portuguese, English and French. Overtime, these languages became the adopted lingua franca in many African countries.

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