Jamaicans demand reparation and apology as British royal couple arrived in Kingston

A group of Jamaicans made up of people from diverse fields have demanded reparations and official apology as the British royal prince William and his wife arrives in the country. The protest started few days after their visitation was announced.

The group thronged the Embassy to express displeasure in their visitation whilst drumming home their demands. In a prior message, some renowned professors, politicians and other leaders wrote a letter objecting the 70th coronation of the queen.

The group said the queen does not deserve to be celebrated “because her leadership, and that of her predecessors, have perpetuated the greatest human rights tragedy in the history of humankind.”

They added that, “during her 70 years on the throne, your grandmother has done nothing to redress and atone for the suffering of our ancestors that took place during her reign and/or during the entire period of British trafficking of Africans, enslavement, indentureship and colonialization.”

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Another protestor told reporters that, “I am a descendant of great African ancestors, I owe it to them to be here […] “I want to make the British crown recognise that they have committed a great crime against the African people and that they must apologise and give back what they have taken from the ancestors.”

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