Jamaica’s Maroon finally apologize for helping the British to crush Slave Revolt

The Maroons of Jamaica have finally apologized for helping the then British power to crush organized groups and individuals who led series of uprisings against slavery in the past.

The maroons took about three decades to openly admit and apologize for the inhumane treatment of people who sought freedom from colonial rule.

The unbearable colonial realities forced many of the locals to either escape or form groups to rebel against colonizers. Notable among those groups was the Maroons who escaped from colonial masters and managed to build their own communities and as well establish formidable group with strong forces to oppose brutish treatment.

The Maroons at the time were regarded as a set which presented hope for other slaves, as many saw such communities as a source of refuge. However, the Maroons of Jamaica were lured into a negotiation with the British power which realized their strength and decided to use them against other slaves.

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The Maroon signed an agreement with the British with a certain magnitude of autonomy with conditions that, they will help deal with local uprising and also help arrest and return slaves who abscond from the Sugar plantation which belonged to the British.

This was deemed a betrayal to the locals and has remained an unresolved issue in the history of slavery due to the refusal of both the British and Maroon generation to admit and apologize. The recent apology which was made by the current Queen, Gaamang Gloria on Easter day marks nearly three decades.

“We regret the hurt and sufferings caused from such actions. We take total responsibility on behalf of our ancestors,” she said.

She added that, “we realize that we cannot undo the past, but we can remedy the situations through reconciliatory actions that will repair the damage and rebuild trust so that these behaviours will not be repeated.”

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