Jay Z celebrates Nigeria’s Afrobeat Legend, Fela Kuti in his Netflix Movie

Nigeria’s music legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti continues to receive tribute for his legendary Afrobeat music two decades after his death. His latest tribute is coming from America’s music mogul and rapper, Jay Z who has included his record in the soundtrack of his new Netflix movie titled ‘The Harder They Fall.’

The track themed ‘Let’s Start’ which was produced in 1971 is said to be featured in the movie which has been carefully selected from black music from different parts of the world. ‘Let’s start’ was a track in Fela’s 1971 music album titled ‘Live’.

This is not the first time Jay Z will be paying tribute to Nigeria’s King of Afrobeat. When the classical music about Fela was to be produced on the legendary Broadway, Jay Z was one of the producers and sponsors.

Before his death in 1997 at the age of 58, Fela released a lot of groundbreaking music between the mid-60s and 90s which set the ground for the contemporary afrobeat seen today. His genre of music was beyond entertaining, he was very famous for activism against corrupt politicians and military government in Nigeria.

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In line with activism, Jay Z in 2016 had included Fela’s famous anti-military soundtrack, ‘Zombie’ in his playlist where he used it during the fight for social injustice in America.

“So there is actual that place that exists over Western music and we have a few of those. Just that juxtaposition of how art influences life and life influences culture was just interesting to us, and Fela Kuti was so hard it was just the best trailer, music of all time.” Jay Z

He added that, “that’s what I listen to in the house, Jeymes (Samuel)-director of the movie- as well; that’s what we listen to when we kicking it. So, we just put the things that we really love. Cause it’s magic and magic going work.”

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