John Dumelo, the Ghanaian actor motivating the youth to engage in farming

Even though Africa has over half of the world’s undeveloped arable land with great potentials for improved agricultural production, statistics on the number of Africa’s youthful population in the Agricultural sector is troubling.

In order to realize full agriculture potentials, the continent needs to do everything possible to draw the interest of young people in farming and other related activities but who is setting the pace? On our search for people with potentials to change the face of Agriculture in Africa, we found some young Africans who are doing well in terms of the campaign to drive Agricultural revolution on the continent.

Months Ago, we reported on the story of Mr. Samson Ogbole, a young Nigerian who blends technology with Agriculture to produce different types of food crops with focus to push for zero hunger, wellbeing, and also combat climate change in line with sustainable development goals. Few weeks back, we equally published a story on how thousands of Ivorian women are not only forming associations to farm but also drives massive campaign against the use of chemicals in farming. We also reported on the story of Nakku Justine, the young Kenyan lady who singlehandedly owns 6-acre farmland.

Today, we focus on John Dumelo, a popular Ghanaian movie actor and politician who operates acres of farmlands, growing different types of crops on a large scale. The young man who also ventures into the rearing of different types of animals has been a major source of motivation for the youth to go into farming activities.

John Dumelo

Mr. Dumelo currently produces cocoa, ginger, yam, maize, rice, etc on large scale and also have poultry farms. He rears animals such as cattle, goats, rabbits, among others. At intervals, he takes time to share with his numerous followers, his experience in farming, especially financial benefits and how that can help change the lives of individuals and also contribute immensely at the national level. “I’m proud to be contributing my quota to national development. It is cool to be a farmer” was one of his regular posts on social media whilst packing trucks of yam from the farm.

Recently, the young man went viral on social media after what he termed as “Midyear Cabbage review” in which he revealed that, “Cabbage takes 2.5-3 months to harvest. You can harvest about 3,000-5,000 heads per acre depending on the spacing. Each head can be sold for about 6gh ($1) depending on the season.”

Many people found the information useful and expresses interest in farming. His celebrity status and alluring posture with which he advocates for farming activities is worth the hype, purposely to motivate other farmers to do more for the continent.

Africa needs to take measures to deal with the various challenges pushing the youth out of the farm such as weak institutions, limited access to markets, limited access to finance, etc. and also initiate campaigns targeted at breaking the myths attached to the Agricultural sector, especially the misconception which attributes farming to uneducated and poor people. It is a common practice to hear elderly people telling young people that, “if you don’t go to school you will end up like your grandfather in the farm,” an inferior mindset which must be nipped in the bud.

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