Kenya and South African airlines to merge into a Pan-African airline – Uhuru Kenyatta

Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta has announced that, the national airline of his country and that of South Africa will merge to establish a Pan-African Airline.

The president made this known during his new year address to the country on Friday 31st, December 2021. According to President Kenyatta, the move is equally aimed towards continental integration.

“To boost tourism, trade, and social engagement; and to bolster continental integration; our national carrier Kenya Airways will join hands with our partners in South Africa to establish a Pan-African Airline,” Kenyatta said.

The two Airlines earlier confirmed in a joint statement saying: “One of the pillars to achieve this is coming together and combining assets to provide a more robust and ultimately competitive aviation ecosystem to pursue the commercial viability of both carriers.”

They added that, “The partnership will improve the financial viability of both airlines by creating the most formidable air transport connection in Africa.”

The announcement has been greeted by the Pan-African community as one that will boost collaborative development and also create a fertile ground for the implementation of the continental free trade.

The president took the opportunity to speak to the citizens on other aspects and planned measures to make the country a better place.

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