Latinos are black! All music is from Africa said Rapper Fat Joe

Speaking during an interview with Ebro, the American hip hop legend said that all the music in the world is from Africa, and that Latinos were black people of African origin.

“All the music is African, you talk about Brazilian music, Dominican music, Spanish drums, all the music is African, you getting on the Afro-beat now and they been doing that, I been to Africa, it ain’t new”, he said.

The 49 year old, was there to talk about his upcoming album “Family Ties”, which he said would be his personal first classic album. He went on to discuss that Latinos especially Cubans were mainly black people from African slaves…

“lets speak about Latinos not been black, Latinos are black, when you go to Cuba, there, one time, they had 8 million people and 5 million of them where unfortunately slaves, they integrated, married and had babies… Same thing with Poetarico, sometimes Latinos identify themselves with Africa and African culture even more than black people, this ain’t no crazy thing, Fat joe ain’t in no crack, he knows what he is talking about, am telling you the truth “, he explained.

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