LGBTQ+: My bill is not a religious bill; it’s a bill on cultural values- Sam enlightens BBC reporter

Ghanaian lawmaker, Sam George enlightened BBC reporter Claire McDonald who resorted to religion after attempts to corner the member of parliament with research in defense of LGBTQ failed. The reporter was arguing against a bill themed “The Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill 2021” which Ghana’s parliament is set to pass in a bid to prohibit the practice and promotion of homosexuality in the West African country.

In an interview with the lawmaker who is a lead member of the team sponsoring the bill in parliament, the reporter asked: “The Bible, Genesis 1:37 says God created man in his own image and in the image of God he created male and female. If he created man and woman in his own image, then he created homosexuals, bisexuals and transgender people too, didn’t he?”

This position was quickly refuted by the lawmaker who said: “My bill is not a religious bill; it is a bill on cultural values but if you want to go into the Bible, I will grant you that. Bible says God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. He says for this reason, a man should leave his mother and father and cling to his wife; he didn’t say cling to another man. And so if you want to read the Bible, don’t read just one part of it… The same Bible tells us that, God destroyed Sodom and Gomora because of homosexuality, so when you want to quote the Bible to support homosexuality, let’s be very clear.

The reporter also made reference to the opinion expressed by Pope Francis some time ago regarding homosexuality to support her argument. “Pope Francis said last year that he thinks same sex couples should be allowed to have civil unions, he said that the homosexual people have the right to be in a family, they are children of God and have the right to a family… is he wrong? She asked

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Honorable Sam George responded that, “well, the Pope has expressed his opinion, the Catholic church has not taken that definitive decision on that and let me give you a typical example; the Methodist church in the UK has said that they are going to allow for gay marriages and all; the Methodist church of Ghana has dissociated itself with that decision. We are not going to be bound by the decision of that church. This bill is supported by the Catholic Bishops council of Ghana.”

“Critics will say, your bill is hateful in a sense and it is turning Ghanaians against each other; what do you say to that.? Claire asked, inviting response from the lawmaker who said, “well, that’s a very unfortunate reading for anybody or conclusion for anybody to draw… the last research conducted by a private civil society organization, 93% of Ghanaians support this position. Laws are a reflection of what society desires. The UK for example have laws that reflect what the British people want. Brexit is a reflection of what the British people wanted…majority of the people in Ghana support heterosexuality and we do not understand why anybody is going to see an expression of that desire to represent hatred.”

The reporter earlier claimed that, the proposed bill contained conversion therapy and further alleged that, the United Nations says such therapy is torture. However, the Sam shot down the position by stating that, the reporter was only trying to draw her own meaning from the bill against the fact.

“That’s the interpretation that you are putting on it; in the bill you don’t see us say we are offering conversion therapy…what we discussed in the bill or what is offered in the bill is approved medical treatment. Treatment that is approved by the Ghana medical association… let’s be clear, science is science; science will determine whether you are male or female when we do a sequencing of your DNA. There is no gender neutrality when it comes to determining who is male in female. Your genetics show which sex you are.”

Claire is not the first reporter to have interviewed the lawmaker. In an earlier interview, the lawmaker told CNN’s Larry Madowo to stop misleading the world after he made certain statements about the proposed bill which were totally untrue. Honorable Sam slammed the reporter for deliberately ignoring parts of the bill which protects homosexuals from any kind of assault regardless of its illegality, granting them fair trial but focuses to amplify misconceptions for propaganda reasons.

Larry asked: “Honorable George, are you just a hateful person who does not want people who are different from you to have a life in Ghana?” the lawmaker responded by saying “that’s a defeatist line of questioning; if I am a hateful person, we would not be protecting the rights of persons with LGBTQ and saying that they have a right to a fair trial before a competent court of jurisdiction. Section 22 of our bill prohibits extrajudicial treatment and you are not highlighting that part.”

In his preliminary questions, the journalist asked whether the bill is a major concern for the people who voted for the lawmaker to represent them in parliament. He responded by saying that, the government of Ghana spent $200 million to subsidize Antiretroviral drugs for HIV patients and the Ghana aids commission earlier published that, men having sex with men are leading the surge in HIV in the west African country. According to him, the $200 million could have fixed the water problem for people in his constituency.

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