LGBTQI Issues: The Foreign Minister of Ghana Replies to Joe Biden’s threat

“The laws of Ghana criminalizes unnatural carnal knowledge;” Ghana’s Foreign minister-designate replies Joe Biden.

Ghana’s Minister-designate for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey has responded to threats of financial, visa and other sanctions issued by the newly elected President of the United States, Joe Biden concerning homos3xuality.

President Biden warned in a memo that, “when foreign governments move to restrict the rights of LGBTQI+ persons or fail to enforce legal protections in place, thereby contributing to a climate of intolerance, agencies engaged abroad shall consider appropriate responses, including using the full range of diplomatic and assistance tools and, as appropriate, financial sanctions, visa restrictions, and other actions.”

However, while responding to questions asked by a Ministerial committee during her vetting, the minister designate who initially served as Ghana’s foreign minister and now seeking a second term said that, “Ghana is a sovereign country but as part of our foreign policy we engage countries all over the world; America is one of our strongest friends. But in this country we have laws and our laws work, and must work.”

She added that, “in spite of what somebody will say and in this case President Biden, the laws of Ghana criminalises unnatural… carnal knowledge and therefore the laws of Ghana definitely are prime or primary and that is what we all adhere to.”

She stated further that, “of course, culturally also, we have our cultural laws that we all adhere to and so as much as he would say that, we also as a sovereign country must speak to the laws of the land. Listen to her comment here.

It was earlier reported that, the Executive Secretary of the National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values, Moses Foh-Amoaning has called on the government of Ghana to shut down an office suspected to be created for homos3xuals.

“The presidency, the ministry of foreign Affairs and the IGP have every right to investigate that office to close it down immediately and arrest and prosecute those people involved in it,” he said

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