Liberian President George Weah rewards honest teenager who found and returned $50,000

The honesty of a Liberian teenager has been recognized and duly honored by the country’s President George Weah. The young man identified as Emmanuel Tuloe was earlier in the news after he found and returned the sum of $50,000 to a businesswoman called Musu Yancy.

According to reports from local media outlets, Emmanuel decided to return the money following a public appeal made by the owner on radio. His kind gesture received massive admiration from the public. The best part of his story is that, the young man is not from a rich home, neither is he rich. Emmanuel drives taxi and rides motorbikes for a living; a situation which amplifies the value of his kind gesture.

Despite his honesty, the teenager was subjected to ridicule by his associates who held the view that, he should have kept the money without returning it. According to some of them, the $1,500 reward offered by the businesswoman was too small. In a recent interview, he revealed that “they tell me I will never get rich in my lifetime; they say because I returned such an amount of money I will live and die poor.”   

He also called for protection after receiving threats from people including those who reportedly attended a party with him in the house of the businesswoman to celebrate the gesture. “I left and returned home because in the crowd were also people who were angry with me for returning the money, they even threatened me, and so right now I need maximum protection.” He was quoted by Liberian media.

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However, his exemplary gesture has drawn the attention of the president who gave him a cash prize of $10,000. In addition, the teenager will also be awarded with the country’s highest honour in the order of distinction in “exceptional sense of morality and good citizenship.” He was also offered a fully funded scholarship up to tertiary level and two brand new motorbikes to boost his business.

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