Libya’s 120,000 barrels per day oil refinery hit by armed groups

Libya receives another blow as the consequences of the death of revolutionary leader, Gaddafi continuous to amplify in the Northern African country. The state announced on Tuesday that, the 6,000 tons per year and 120,000 barrels daily oil refinery located at Zawiya, west of the capital Tripoli got hit by armed groups.

According to reports by the National Oil Corp (NOC), eight oil storage tanks and five other tanks for oil and chemical products were hit through armed clashes. It was also reported that, the electrical transformer of the power supply system was also knocked damaged “with a large leak from tank Number 9.”

The NOC chief, Mustafa Sanalla said, “the infrastructure of the oil sector represents the lifeblood of the Libyan state therefore…vandalising these facilities, destroying them, or exposing their workers to danger, is a crime that cannot be tolerated.”

This attack on refineries in the country is not new; the authorities revealed that, armed groups have long been hitting the facility, taking it offline According to him, the damages from these attacks take so much money to restore.

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“Many of our facilities have been sabotaged during the past years as a result of clashes, but those damaged sites have been renovated and returned to work. It may take years to repair these new damages, and could cost the Libyan state an exponential amount of money, which is difficult to obtain,” he added.

The identities of the current attackers were not revealed; however, the authorities suspect political influence ahead of the upcoming election.

The lack of vision for the country before the so-called NATO intervention which killed Gaddafi has always been blamed for the impunity with which Militia groups cause havoc. Have you been following Libya lately? What do you think of their situation?

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