Macron admits French forces were responsible for the death of Algerian freedom fighter Ali Boumendjel

French President, Emmanuel Macron has officially admitted that, French forces rather tortured and murdered Algerian freedom fighter Ali Boumendjel as against the earlier cover up story of suicide which was widely circulated.

It could be recalled that, during the heat of the fight to liberate the people of Algeria from the French colonial dominance, Ali,one of the freedom fighters was arrested and taken through a month of torture by French Army general, Paul Aussaresses and his men leading to his death.

The story was later tempered with and reported as suicide by French backed propaganda which churned out fake history until Paul Aussaresses confessed in the year 2000 that he gave the order for his murder.

January this year, Macron refused to issue an apology letter to Algeria for these crimes committed by the French Army during the eight year bloody fight that brought French dominance to an end in the Northern Africa country. He said there is “No repentance nor apologies.”

However, he has admitted on Tuesday February 2nd, 2021 that, the French forces actually “tortured and murdered” Ali Boumendjel, officially reappraising the cover up report. He made this admission during a meeting with Boumendjel’s grandchildren. “Ali Boumendjel did not commit suicide. He was tortured and then killed,” Macron said.

He further added that, “no crime, no atrocity committed by anyone during the Algerian war can be excused or concealed…they must be viewed with courage and lucidity, with absolute respect for all those whose lives they have torn apart and shattered their destiny.”

Macron who said he made such admission “in the name of France” promised to take ‘”symbolic acts” to settle the differences between the two countries.

Source; France 24

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