Macron blames High birth rate, corruption and transitional issues for Africa’s problems

In response to a question asked by an Ivorian reporter at the recently held G20 summit about the problems of the African continent, the French President enumerated certain factors he thought are responsible for the problems Africa is suffering today.

According to Emmanuel Macron, the challenge Africa faces today is completely different. It’s much deeper and civilizational. In listing these problems, he mentioned “Failed states, complex democratic and demographic transitions”.

He stated that the resolution of these problems will take a more rigorous governance, a fight against corruption, a good governance, a successful demographic transition, as well as a transformational plan that is developed according to African interest, by and with African leaders.

He has equally attributed African problems to the high birth-rates by stating that, “When countries today have seven or eight children per woman at the moment, spending billions of Euros outright would not stabilize nothing.”

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His statements have since triggered an outrage with many accusing him of deliberately ignoring the role of colonial powers, especially France in the problems the African continent is facing currently. His assertion according to the critics excludes the trickled down effects of colonial atrocities, which is the main contributor to the continent’s numerous problems.

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