Macron: “France will not tolerate Turkey’s role in Libya”; Is the AU a spectator in Africa?

French President Emmanuel Macron has revealed on Monday that his country (France and its allies) will not tolerate the role Turkey is playing in Libya, but what role does Turkey play in the country?

Since Gaddafi was eliminated by NATO forces and local rebels, Libya became a war-torn country breeding series of militia groups that consistently caused damages to individuals and the country at large. This development emerged because the USA did not have plans to manage Libya after taking out the revolutionary leader (this was confirmed by Barack Obama).

Following this development, the country has become a stepping ground for powerful countries who come in the name of supporting the government to fight terrorism. Turkey has been one of such nations that offered to help Libya.

The country’s government signed an earlier landmark pact with Libya, which allows for military cooperation. Under this deal, Turkey has since been supporting the war-torn country with military advisers, weaponry, allied fighters from Syria, and other necessary assistance to help defeat the militia group led by General Khalifa Haftar, a military leader.

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For reasons best known to him, Emmanuel Macron is, however, not pleased with the role Turkey is playing in Libya. He expressed his dissatisfaction by stating that, “We (France) won’t tolerate the role that Turkey is playing in Libya”.

“I have already had the opportunity to say very clearly to President (Tayyip) Erdogan, I consider that Turkey is playing a dangerous game in Libya today and going against all of its commitments made at the Berlin conference,” Macron said.

Any good observer of the occurrences in Libya will ask certain critical questions: what is the role of the African Union (AU) in the Libyan crisis? Is the AU a spectator on the continent it has been established to oversee? Why is France acting instead of the AU as the authority figure with sole mandate to determine what goes on in Libya? Why should France be more worried than the AU??

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