Malawi seeks to appoint boxing legend, Mike Tyson as cannabis ambassador

The Agricultural ministry of Malawi has officially written to heavyweight boxing legend, Mike Tyson seeking his approval as the country’s global cannabis ambassador. The ministry initiated the move as part of plans to project the emerging cannabis market.

The sector minister, Lobin Lowe indicated in the letter that, “Malawi may not go it alone as the industry is complex requiring collaboration. I would therefore like to appoint you, Mr Mike Tyson, as Malawi’s Cannabis Branch ambassador,” Mr Lowe wrote.

Explaining the decision, Gracian Lungu, spokesperson for the ministry who told reporters that the sector may “have been facing a lot of challenges” went on to add that, the government hopes support from the former boxer will “rope in some investors and even potential buyers”

Even though no official acceptance letter has been seen so far from Tyson, local media outlets reported that, the boxer was expected to be in the country earlier but his visit was postponed to a later date.

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With parliament passing a bill in support of the commercial production and processing of cannabis for medicinal and industrial use, the Southern African country emerged as one of the most recent countries to legalize Cannabis in Africa.

Despite the revenue generating potentials of Cannabis, several African countries remain strict on its legalization. In some countries, local farmers who produce Cannabis against such laws face jail terms. Do you think Cannabis should be legalized and regulated across Africa?

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