Malawian President travels to the UK for virtual conference, blames poor network in his country

Reactions keep pouring in as Malawian Head of State, Lazarus Chakwera reportedly travels to the United Kingdom to attend a virtual conference themed the Global Education Summit hosted by the British prime minister.

When the President’s spokesperson first announced his decision to physically represent Malawi in an online conference, there was a general outrage with many citizens calling out Chakwera for trying to waste taxpayer’s money on an illogical venture. 

However, the Presidency justified the move by saying that, “the said summit is virtual but the president needs to be in the UK physically as you know internet connection in Malawi is not reliable.”

Malawian local media reported that the President indeed traveled to the UK with 10 additional delegates. The list includes the First Lady Monica Chakwera, his daughter Violet Lillie and the President’s son-in law identified as Sean Kampondeni who also doubles as the State House director of communications.

The reports further indicated that the President’s stated reason for the inclusion of his daughter is that she is needed to take care of his wife Monica who is not feeling well and also to give physical support.

The criticism heightened with claims of nepotistic governance as the citizens became aware of the fact that the country’s minister for foreign affairs who is supposed to front this international trip if it is necessary in the first place, has been left out of the list.

To many, President Lazarus Chakwera’s wasteful decision is just a fraction of the shortcomings of the African leadership. Some critics find it totally absurd that, instead of solving the problem related to the internet for the benefit of all, the President decided to waste money on a fruitless trip. What do you think about this occurrence?

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