Mali Coup: France Takes Issue to The UN Security Council

Reactions to the Mutiny

Until the first democratic elections in 1992, Malians have experienced 23 years of military rule. Regardless of this experience, the majority of Malians have welcomed the action taken by the military. Opposition supporters mostly could be seen celebrating the removal of the President on the street along with soldiers. 

A member of Mali’s main opposition M5 movement, led by the populist Islamic cleric, Mahmoud Dicko, has reportedly welcomed the resignation of President Keita. 

The regional bloc ECOWAS who had earlier failed in their negotiation to strike a resolution between the government and the opposition condemned the action taken by the soldiers while announcing the removal of Mali from its decision-making bodies, along with the closure of all regional borders to Mail. 

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African Union and The United Nation have echoed comparable remarks regarding the crisis in Mali, both urging the mutineers to restore the constitutional order in that country. 

France Takes Issue to The UN Security Council

The United Nations Security Council will be holding an emergency meeting today, August 19, 2020, to deliberate on the existing situation in Mali. The emergency session is summoned by France and Niger and will take place “behind closed doors”, Sources from the UN Security Council revealed to the media.  France completes its conquest of Mali, then called French Sudan in 1898 and colonized the State until it gained independence in 1960. 

France’s controversial role in Africa has recently come under intense scrutiny and criticism, as its imperialist character, and neo-colonial relationship with its former colonies continue to anger the new breed of Pan African activists and politicians across the continentMali remains a key base for French troops purportedly fighting Islamist insurgents in the region. 

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