Mali Coup: Military Want Three-year Transition; Agrees to Free President

The military coup leaders in Mali want a three-year military-led transitional government after they have agreed with regional negotiators to release deposed President, Mr Ibrahim Buobacar Keita, the AFP News reports. 

“The junta has affirmed that it wants a three-years transitional to review the foundation of the Malian State. This transition would be directed by a body led by a soldier, who would also be the head of the state” an anonymous source in the ECOWAS delegation in Mali revealed.

 Former Mali’s President, Mr Ibrahim Buobacar Keita, was last week arrested along with his Prime Minister and other government officials and forced to resign the following day. 

The new military leader, Colonel Assimi Goita spent the whole day negotiating with a delegation from the regional bloc, ECOWAS led by Nigeria’s former President, Good Luck Johnathan.  The Former President have earlier told the media on Sunday that several progress has been made in the negotiation.

On 20 August 2020, leaders of the ECOWAS member states in their resolution via a virtual videoconference denounced the action taken by the military to depose the beleaguered President, Ibrahim Keita. They urged the military to restore the constitutional order in Mali. 

Source told the AFP News that the military leaders have agreed to release former President, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita and he would be allowed to leave the country for “treatment”. Mali has experienced numerous military coups since November 1968. 

Malians are generally discounted by the state of their country and have been holding several popular protests against the government of Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, whom they blame for the worsening economic and security situation of the country. 

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