Mali cuts final ties with France, breaks defense accords for “flagrant violations”

Mali’s government has finally cut ties with France, breaks defense accord initiated since 2014 following series of diplomatic rows which deteriorated the relationship between the two countries.

In a televised statement, the government cited “flagrant violations” as reasons to let go of its relationship with France.

Announcing the decision, spokesman Colonel Abdoulaye Maiga said “for some time now, the government of the Republic of Mali notes with regret a profound deterioration in military cooperation with France.”

He went on to cite events detailing gross disrespect for the country’s sovereignty by French troops operating in the Sahel.

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The final announcement came at the backdrop of a recent allegation that, French troops breached the country’s airspace with spy drones which took footages in Mali’s territory without permission.

In earlier demands, the Malian Army dominated government called for the withdrawal of French troops from the country “immediately” following certain unpleasant comments made by top French officials against the authorities in Mali.

France has gradually withdrawn its troops following the order and resettled them in neighboring Niger to continue its operation in the Sahel.

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