Mali gives French Ambassador 72 hours to leave the county

Mali’s military leadership has given the French ambassador, Joel Meyer a 72-hour ultimatum to leave the country. The authorities say the decision was taken in response to the recent hostile statements made by French authorities against the transitional authorities.

The order was issued through a press release held on local television. The government noted that, the ambassador personally received the information after he was summoned by the Malian minister for Foreign Affairs at Bamako.

“The government of the Republic of Mali informs the national and international public that today… the ambassador of France in Bamako, his excellency Joel Meyer… was notified of the decision of the government asking him to leave the national territory within 72 hours,” the statement said.

About a week ago, French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, while addressing reporters described Mali’s junta as “illegitimate” and “irresponsible” in carrying out their decisions.

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In addition to that, French Defense Minister, Florence Parly also accused Mali’s leaders of stirring up incitements from France.

Responding to this, the authorities said “the Malian government vigorously condemns and rejects these remarks, which are contrary to the development of friendly relations between nations.”

They added that, the country is ready to do business with its international partners including France but on condition that, there will be “mutual respect and on the basis of the cardinal principle of non-interference.”

On Friday, Malian Foreign Minister Abdoulaye Diop had also pointed fingers at France for its biasness of indignation towards the leadership of Mali.

“France, which says it defends democracy, has gone to other countries and installed heads of state who have carried out coups, it has applauded them,” he stated.

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