Malian authorities ready to create war college

As Mali undergoes her transition period, the Mali National Transition Council has just passed a bill on Thursday to create the country’s War College. The National Transition Council made this move in a bid to strengthen the country’s national security which has faced a lot of attacks over the years. The council which has in recent times served as the legislative arm of the government as the transition process is underway, voted for the creation of the school so as to beef up the country’s military and armory.

According to the reports on the expectation of the War college, it will provide high-level training for senior officers of the defense and security services. A great deal of emphasis will be placed on research, leadership, strategy, and joint service/international operations. The War college is expected to accommodate students from all armed services and from civilian departments and agencies who are mostly preoccupied with national security policies. This development for Mali will channel the country’s direction towards fundamentals of strategic thinking for national security matters, contemporary military strategy and the systematic practice of war.

With this on ground, the Malian military can begin to warm up to join international operations such as UN Peacekeeping mission and ECOMOG. Graduate officers from this college are expected to occupy top and sensitive positions in the military in order to steer the security affairs of the country. The war college coming into fruition has been a much talked about topic over the years but it seemed that the Transitional Council made autonomy and cohesion a priority not until recently did it take a major decision.

The War college will gradually erase the practice where Malian Military officers being trained in foreign countries which leads to some kind of dependency. Although no date has been given for the opening of the school, but the estimated budget is at 2.5 billion CFA Francs.

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Meanwhile, though there has been an ongoing controversy of the possibility of the arrival of Wagner group in Mali which seeks to train missions, of which has still not subsided, a French company that comprises former military personnel has been tipped off with the task of providing training for the future war school.

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