Malian bikers rode 600km to assist Nigerian cross–continent rider

The latest African adventure sensation, Kunle Adeyanju from Nigeria was treated to a spirit of African unity and brotherhood in Mali as he rides a motorcycle all the way from London heading to Nigeria.

Kunle Adeyanju who is a biker announced in April a decision to ride a bike from London to Lagos, Nigeria with the aim of raising funds of over $40,000 for development projects in Nigeria. The announcement was greeted with lots of enthusiasm from people in different parts of the world.

He shares the story of his journey on Twitter and instagram as he rides from one country to another including deserts. His biking journey kicked off in Britain (London) and then moved through France, Spain, Gilbraltar, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, St. Louis, Senegal, Gambia and now Mali.

As he arrived in Mali, he was hit with what looked like a setback as he lost his rear wheel. According to his social media update on his journey, he stated that the tire was stuck and he was somewhat stranded.

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When the news of his incident broke out, Bikers’ Association in Mali reportedly came to his rescue by driving 600km, which was covered in several hours all in a bid to get him a replacement for his lost tire.

The show of kindness by the bikers garnered lots of applauds from social media users who considers it a noble act that can strengthen unity in Africa.  Adeyanju went all out on his social media platform to reiterate how he was blown away by the massive love shown by Malians in his adventure so far.

Subsequently, Adeyanju is expected to continue his adventure as he has grown multitudes of followers who are keeping up to date with his rare feat.

The funds being raised from his adventure will go into projects such as fight against polio in Africa, water and sanitation and primary health. Being a member of the International Rotary Club, Adeyanju is also in partnership with the Ikoyi Rotary club in Lagos, Nigeria which has also pledged its support for him by matching “10% of every donation to his cause”.

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