Malians welcome Russia’s Wagner, says they prefer to sign with the ‘devil’ for peace

The deployment of Russia’s mercenary group, Wagner has been met with strong criticism from Western powers; however, the locals in a recent interview in Bamako revealed that, they welcome the Wagner and are willing to contract the “devil” in order to enjoy peace than deal with people who only pretend to be fighting crime whilst it escalates astronomically.

One Kebab Diallo, Bamako who resides in Bamako told reporters that, “we just need to make sure that the government assumes its responsibility and says today that Mali is ready to sign with the devil for peace. The people need peace. The north of Mali and the center of Mali are now suffering from insecurity. And we welcome everyone, all those who can help us achieve peace.”

Another Malian citizen identified as Lassana Z Coulibaly said “we will welcome them (the Wagner) with open arms, without shame really. Let the European forces go where they want. It was the people themselves who asked for the Russian forces to come. It is not the authorities in place, it is the people themselves.”

Speaking on the engagement of France in the region, one Fatoumata Doukara, said “France pisses us off. It has been in our country for 10 years or more with no results. Our children are dying, our soldiers are dying every day in the north. I welcomed the arrival of the Russian forces. If they manage to put everything in order, it will make us happy.”

A coalition of 15 western countries released a statement on Thursday, condemning the deployment of the Wagner group in the country. However, the government has challenged them to provide evidence from “independent sources” to prove their claims, adding that, the government only has diplomatic partnership with Russia as a state. Is the Wagner any better than France and its allies in the Sahel?

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