Mali’s junta orders Denmark to withdraw its troops from the country ‘immediately’

Mali’s military transitional government has ordered Denmark to withdraw its forces deployed into the West African country with immediate effect. The Assimi Goita administration says the deployment violates diplomacy and the country’s autonomy.

In a statement, the Junta argued that, since the said “deployment occurred without its consent,” it cannot accommodate the soldiers in its territory. In a statement, Malian authorities said “the Republic of Mali invites the Danish side to immediately withdraw the said contingent from the territory.”

The said soldiers, numbering about 90 were deployed by the Danish government to participate in the European special force operation called Takuba which was initiated by France. The government claimed the deployment was made up of elite soldiers and military surgeons.

According to the Malian government, there is an existing diplomatic definition to how things are done in terms of such deployments. However, this was violated by the Danish.

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Responding to the news, the Danish Foreign Ministry said they are “working intensively to bring more clarity to the situation”, adding that “there is currently great uncertainty about the announcement of the transitional government. The Danish contribution is part of the French-led operation in Mali, so we are also in close and permanent coordination with our partners, including France,” the ministry added.

Mali has seemingly switched into a different outlook altogether as the country has become very resolute and ruthless in decision making in recent times. Not long ago, the government denied entry into its airspace without permission, forcing the An A400M Airbus to divert to Gran Canaria.

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