Man blows alarm over discriminatory evacuation arrangement against Africans in Ukraine

An African living in Ukraine has raised concerns over the evacuation arrangement being implemented in the country to get people out of troubled zones following the Russian invasion.

According to him, the authorities focus on allowing Africans to only board trains after their own people are done getting in.

The young man lamented that, the arrangement allows Children first, followed by women, white men before Africans but when it gets to women, they don’t add African women and the men are also last to board.

He revealed that, it had to take force from them to get the African women and children on board earlier.

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“In the train stations here in Kyiv, children first, women second, white men third, then the remaining is occupied by Africans. This means that we have waited for many hours for trains here & couldn’t enter because of this. Majority of Africans are still waiting to get to Lviv,” he said in a tweet.

He added that, “We had to start shouting and pushing African women to the train, so they had no other option than to allow them since they said women and children first. It wasn’t the case earlier.” Read his tweet below:

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