Maxwell Chikumbutso: Meet Zimbabwe’s underrated but highly productive innovator

Throughout his work history, the realm of daring and mind-boggling discoveries has been the playground for Maxwell Chikumbutso, the self-taught Zimbabwean innovator. With the controversial discoveries, he piles a set of critics from popular media in one set, arguing to disproof his works whilst he rallies on with new findings.

Maxwell grew up as that young smart kid with so much interest in the tech world. With his innovations at a younger age, he earned a profile as a “prominent young man in the innovation industry” in the year 1999. Two years on, Maxwell shot to fame with a discovery he themed Digital Navigation Facilitator, a technology used to facilitate landing of aircrafts. This was tested and approved by the Air Zimbabwe Technical Training Centre.

His controversies in recent years started after he announced and practically demonstrated a green energy technology developed to convert radio frequencies directly into clean and renewable energy. Maxwell at the time revealed that, he could not patent the discovery because the authorities said the discovery violates the laws of physics.

From the manufacturing of a hybrid helicopter that runs on six different types of fuel, green power generator which produces electricity using radio frequencies, cordless televisions with free energy and other notable products, Maxwell should have been out there with the media attention because of the impact; however, the young man remains one of the most underrated but highly productive African innovators.

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Despite his self-confessed report that, the patent at the time was denied, the young man back in the days caught the attention of African business moguls who placed huge bets on his talent. Notable among them was Luis Cupenala, identified as an Angolan businessman and chairman of Bongani Group.

Today, his innovations have made sense to major players in the industry with contracts secured in the likes of the United States where he operates more. In one of his interviews confirming the relocation of his company, Saith Holdings Inc. to the US, the inventor said:

“The USA Government saw what Africa did not and California is now our HOME, the Head Office of Saith Holdings Inc. I always love AFRICA and I’m so proud of being born and raised in AFRICA. I will surely come back to Zimbabwe where everything started.”

Currently, he operates more from the United States as highlighted in the report. Do you think Africa is losing its top talents to the West?

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