Meet 12-year old Nigeria kid who discovered historic Mathematical formula

Black excellence has just gotten a further boost as a twelve-year-old Nigerian kid, based in the United Kingdom just made a historic discovery.

The young genius who identifies as Chika Ofili has discovered a groundbreaking mathematical formula which makes the teaching and learning of the subject much easier.

Chika’s discovery proved that, if one takes the last digit of any whole number, multiply such by 5 and then add the result to the remaining part of the number, you will get a whole new number.

This new theory by the young smart British-Nigerian has been subjected to credible tests and it proved positive.

Chika’s Mathematics teacher, Miss Mary Ellis who doubles as the head of Math department at Westminster Under School, revealed that he made the discovery during a holiday assignment

She added further that, she gave out a book themed “First Steps for Problem Solvers” which contained several divisibility tests to check if numbers are divisible by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 before completing full math problems.

According to her, Chika found a loophole that, the book did not contain a memorable test for dividing by 7 and went ahead to create his own formula that best solves that problem. This huge contribution to STEM has earned him an award from TruLittle Hero Awards.

Aside the award, the young genius was called upon to demonstrate this discovery in front of the entire school faculty and he nailed it.

There are a lot of young African kids like Chika out there. How can we discover and tap these brilliant potentials to help develop the continent?

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