Meet Fatou Nyang, a 29-year-old graduate From The Gambia who turns trash to treasure

This young lady is on a mission to ensure that, there is Zero waste in her country. She collects plastic and other waste materials and turns them into beautiful objects.

Who is this lady? What motivates her to collect waste materials and how far can she go with her initiative to save the environment?

In The Gambia, a country located in West Africa, we have found Fatou Nyang, a 29-year-old graduate of the University of the Gambia who turns trash to treasure.

Whilst many people in The Gambia saw the problems of plastic and all other waste materials such as, choked drainages, marine littering, and all kinds of pollutions, Fatou saw an opportunity to create a solution.

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She established a company called Crafty recycling with which she basically finds waste and turns it into beautiful everyday items.

Fatou uses plastic waste including car tires and other waste materials to create items such as, Wall clock designs, center tables, mobile phone holders, flower pots, mirror covers, and many others.

During the peak of the pandemic, she created beautiful face shields from plastic waste to protect people. Proudly made in the Gambia. 

The young lady said she is prepared to push until there is Zero waste in The Gambia. She disclosed that, she is motivated by the fact that, she is creating a positive impact in society in her own small way.

She stated in an interview with EYEGAMBIA that, the fact that she can use her bare hands to turn trash to treasure feels her heart with joy and makes her want to do more and more.

Despite the impact, Fatou faces certain challenges such as storage space for her materials as well as, financial support for her operations.

In all, the young lady is creating real impact by using her skill to solve everyday problems. Dealing with the dangers of waste materials whilst creating items that serves the needs of society. That is super impactful!

With this growing interest in recycling, it is safe to conclude that, African youth are finding innovative ways of dealing with the environmental threats of plastic and other waste materials.

Nzambi Matee in Nairobi-Kenya creates durable building materials from plastic waste. She turns trash to cash.

And then, In the Gambia, we have found Fatou Nyang who turns trash into treasure to save the environment and make the world a better place.

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