Meet Nigerian kids drawing the attention of HOLLYWOOD with high tech sci-fi films they create with mobile phones

A group of 10 Nigerian kids who call themselves “The Critics” are taking the world by storm by creating short films with unimaginable effects using just mobile phones.

According to people who are into movie making, the quality of visual effects displayed in the movies produced by these kids demand sophisticated software and high-tech equipment. However, these West African kids do magic with little technology at their disposal.

The kids state that the highly praised editing skill was acquired with lessons drawn from Wikipedia and Youtube tutorials. The editor of the group, Raymond Yusuff, told CNN that “We were exchanging DVDs and watching a lot of CGI (computer-generated imagery) movies and movies with VFX. And we wanted to do what we were seeing on screen.”

The group is very diverse as it is made up of highly talented kids playing roles such as story writing, editing, acting, directing among others; they pool all these talents together to produce beautiful movies. From the start of their activities, they were not even having cameras; Yusuff the editor of the team stated that the team was filming with his Samsung smartphone.

They have so far drawn a lot of social media following due to the kind of intriguing movies they create; so far they have caught the attention of American film executives such as Franklin Leonard, Scott Myers, and J.J. Abrams, director of Hollywood movie, “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” contacted them.

Yussuf added that Franklin Leonard asked them to prepare a list of items they will need to work comfortably; “He told us to send a list on WhatsApp of equipment that we might need for our films.” Yusuff said. Abrams and Leonard sent a large shipment including high-end gaming PCs, monitors, cameras and stabilizers to the group and The Critics has now become a whole company on itself.

Watch their video: Another StarWars Story – Short Film

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