Meet Ruth, the Nigerian graduate who is now a full-time farmer and Agric advocate

This week on African youth in Agriculture, we take a look at Suberu Bose Ruth a young Nigerian lady who operates acres of farmlands in Ogun State, producing different types of crops ranging from pepper, tomatoes, cucumbers, maize among others.

One unique thing about Ruth is her quest to make a real impact in the agriculture sector. The young farmer doubles as a strong advocate for agriculture as a tool with potentials to “reduce hunger, poverty, and crime.”

Currently, the industrious lady has been flooding Nigerian markets with her products. One Petra Akinti who identifies as a long-time friend of Ruth stated that the latter told her “She sells her produce to market women who come to buy off her right at the farm and at a good price”

Commenting on her commitment to work, Petra said “I have watched Bose’s dedication to her passion and business over the years and I’m in awe of her…She’s been so consistent that her growth doesn’t surprise me. I also know how much sweat and tears she’s put in over the years.”

According to reports, Ruth who has been farming since 2015 graduated from Lagos State University (LASU) with a degree in History and International Studies but decided to turn to large-scale farming as a full-time profession.

Months Ago, we reported on the story of Mr. Samson Ogbole, a young Nigerian who blends technology with Agriculture to produce different types of food crops with focus to push for zero hunger, wellbeing, and also combat climate change in line with sustainable development goals.

Few weeks back, we equally published a story on how thousands of Ivorian women are driving massive campaigns against the use of chemicals in farming, a report on Nakku Justine, the young Kenyan lady who singlehandedly owns 6-acre farmland as well as John Dumelo, a popular Ghanaian movie actor and politician who operates acres of farmlands, growing different types of crops on a large scale and also rearing animals.

Our focus with this campaign is to draw attention to Africa’s agriculture sector which is full of potentials but is less patronized by the youth. Even though the continent has over half of the world’s undeveloped arable land for improved agricultural production, statistics on the number of Africa’s youthful population in the Agricultural sector is troubling. It is our hope that, the few who venture into the sector will motivate as many youths as possible.

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