Meet the 21-year old Who Plans to Expand his Boys program into a preparatory school

King Randall, a 21-year old youth leader has revealed plans to expand his Boys Program called “The X for Boys” into a Full-Fledged preparatory school to open access to as many students as possible.

Randall revealed that he created The X for Boys program to give troubled young boys a second chance at life; the 21-year said his program which he considers a “man making machine” will “make men great again.”

He said the program is “giving them space where they’re around a lot of other young men and around other men trying to mold you and train you;” adding that, kids come to him voluntarily seeking to join. “I’ve had kids come find me at my house and come knock and ask to join The “X” for Boys. I’ve had kids message me on Instagram, gang members, you name it.” He said.

According to Randall, he wishes to extend this life-changing program to as many young men as possible, hence the decision to transform it into a preparatory school. He stated that, he is working closely with the Dougherty County School authorities to support him with facilities since the program is self-funded

“I gave the superintendent a call and asked if he had any school buildings they didn’t mind getting rid of and he was like, ‘Well, we have three buildings on the chopping block ready to be demolished.’ And I was like, ‘Oh really?’ So I went to go tour one of them and it is in great condition. Of course, it needs a little TLC but they just stopped using it maybe about two years ago,” Randall updated.

According to information available on the official website, the program help these young ones to improve their reading comprehension and vocabulary building skills through a book club with classes taken on weekly basis,

Apart from this, The X for Boys equip them with simple automotive repair such as oil change, brake pad replacement, alternator repair, tire changing etc.

They also teach these troubled boys home improvement skills such as replacing of light fixtures, sheetrock, interior and exterior painting, popcorn ceilings.

He affirmed in an interview that, we are “doing different workshops teaching young men how to do different skill trades, we’re also doing a book club and teaching them how to read because 93 percent of the children I come into contact with can’t read.”

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