Meet the African footballer who rented apartments to host stranded Senegalese in Spain due to Covid-19

Senegalese professional footballer and Monaco winger Keita Baldé Diao has been in the news for a gesture that deserves to be given all the due plaudits.

Reports have it that Keita has rented a whole three-story building in Lleida, Spain, to accommodate some homeless Senegalese immigrant workers who have been stranded in the city since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Keita Balde Diao | Photo by Marco Rosi/Getty Images

The Monaco star did not only provide accommodation to these Senegalese nationals. He equally pledged to provide them with free food and clothing until September.

The total number of current beneficiaries of this kind gesture is 90. It was also reported that the footballer is currently in search of another apartment to increase the number by accommodating a new set of Senegalese stranded in Spain.

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However, his search for a new building to house more people is taking time because the hotels are refusing to accept the people because of their racial identity. “We are in an unfortunate and ugly system were renting a home or anything can give you a problem because of the color of your skin or being from another country,” Keita said.

This is not the first time he is offering to help his people during this challenging period of the outbreak. The 25-year-old earlier donated an amount of €17,000 to help boost the fight against coronavirus in Senegal.

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