Meet the woman helping African businesses through her Association of African Startups

One major challenge for budding and already existing businesses is how to finance, scale up and operate with the required strategies to sustain their activities affront the rough market realities in Africa. These challenges caused a lot of businesses to fold-up with the owners losing their hard earned investments.

To help support and protect small and medium size businesses, a Nigerian lady called Just Omomo Ibe, known by many as the “SALES GURU” has set up a very productive organization to help deal with business related challenges to ensure healthy business growth geared towards rebuilding the African economy.

The Association of African Start-ups (TAAS) is one that is focused on equipping African startups to scale on their businesses; they believe that the African economy can be built and made stronger if African entrepreneurs are given the necessary supports in terms of financing and marketing strategies.

The organization has built a formidable team by handpicking 36 most sought after Business strategists and experts across Africa to help equip African startups with the right skills and knowledge to scale and build more sustainable businesses.

With due respect to the unique realities of the African business space, they have designed a detailed Learning and Mentoring Support Structure which is tailored to suit our situation; they provide all the important proficiencies required by African Start-ups to Start, Grow and Scale businesses that will have ripple effect on their personal Economies and the African Economy at Large.

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The prospects of The Association of African Start-ups (TAAS) can be seen in these two real life business case they have dealt with so far.

Take for instance, the condition of a Senegalese business woman called Sisoko who has been struggling to find a fit for her business for the past 3 years. She turns any Fabric into beautiful Shoes and Accessories but her main challenge is how to build traction and business Visibility.

Even though Sisoko has resorted to both social media and mainstream Advertisement, she was not able to make any headway to sustainability as the business was slowly draining her and she needed a solution fast.

Second case scenario is that of a Nigerian Businessman Frank and his Ghanaian wife who started a business together where they turn waste materials into healthy skin care organic products

Frank and his wife have been looking for ways to partner with individuals and Brands to distribute and expand their business across West Africa because they were tired of selling in one location. The business couple stayed in Ghana, sold their products until the market became saturated with people who sell the same thing. The next challenge was how to embolden their business amidst this market of perfect competition.

As obvious from the two cases, the capacity to scale up is a core challenge to so many start-ups and existing businesses. These ventures do not grow as Fast as expected because of lack of the right Support and Community. Some Startups work so hard but fails to hit their sales target because they are in the wrong groups.

The Association of African Start-ups (TAAS) has tailored solutions for all these challenges to help take care of your businesses. Fortunately, Sisoko and Frank as mentioned in the aforementioned case scenarios were introduced to The Association following their challenges. After signing up at Taasafrica.org/registration, they both took a year course from the team of experts on how they can grow and expand their businesses and today their testimony is different.

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You can also register today and join hundreds of students, businessmen and women across the continent to acquire In-depth knowledge that will help you grow your business.

Kindly subscribe to the Community here: Https://taasafrica.org/registration


Just Ibe is the President of The Association of African Startups. She is a lead consultant at The Just Ibe company, a management consulting firm with key focus on SALES, MARKETING AND BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS. Ibe is also a Co-founder of INSCRIBE Tech, a startup Tech company revolutionalizing content creation, distribution and Sales.

In 2019 she helped over 1500 startups across the world create consistent revenue in their business. In 2020 she is on a mission to replicate this results for 20,000 African Startups.

As a trained management consultant she combines her experience as banker of 8years working with SMEs to deploy marketing and sales strategies that positions AFRICAN STARTUPS to grow businesses that they can totally rely on to build the AFRICA we desire.

She is currently a MBA student of University of South Wales United KINGDOM,a certified management specialist in time management with distinctions from the London graduate school.

She is SPECIFICALLY graced with identifying the ONE THING that serves as the BRIDGE between what you DESIRE and your RESULTS.

She is Just Ibe and popularly referred to by thousands as The Sales GURU and The President of African Startups.

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